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Students - Connecting to the Studyo planner
Students - Connecting to the Studyo planner
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Step 1: Access the Studyo login page or app

Using your web browser (Chrome is recommended), go to or on your mobile devices, launch the Studyo app (Download for iOS | Download for Android)

Step 2: Click or Tap Login

Click or tap the login button and select the appropriate Single-Sign-In environment and select your account.

Your Sign-in account must be the one linked to your official school email!

For most users, you should now be logged-into your planner.

IMPORTANT: If you are asked for a school code or to create an individual account, and your school is NOT providing a code, STOP something is not quite right. Ask your teacher.

Step 3: (For schools providing a school code only)

If you school DOES provide a school code, click on Use a code and provide the code which was shared with you.

Step 4: (if using a code): Pick your classes

When using a school code, your planner is not all configured. You still have to select each one of your sections using the provided picker, and save.

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