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Students - Adding Tasks in Studyo
Students - Adding Tasks in Studyo
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Sometimes teachers will publish tasks directly to you, but you can also create your own tasks. Tasks can either be linked to a specific class or they can be personal tasks such as sports practice, tutorials, family events, get-togethers with friends and birthdays.

Step 1: Click the “+”

Clicking the “+” next to a class will create a task for that specific task. You can change this in the task creation window.

Step 2: Enter task information


Use a strong and meaningful title so that you can easily find your tasks.


Choose the best icon for your task.


Add all notes about your task such as which pages to do, what material is needed or who your group members are.


You can adjust each task's workload setting it anywhere between Reminder (will auto-complete themselves when past) all the way to Major (will display the icon in a reversed red color). This will help identify what needs to be prioritized.


By default, the course should be the one that you selected when creating the task. This can be changed by clicking or tapping on the course. If you are creating a personal task, make sure to select “personal” from the list.


You can add any attachments to your task, such as notes, videos, URLs and PDFs.


When a task is private, only you can see it, even if your parents are connected to your planner. Teachers cannot see them either. They are thus perfect for very personal items such as medical appointments or other tasks you want to keep to yourself.


Get to know what the different dates mean in order to get their full benefits. Here is a breakdown of each one:


By default, this will be today, or the day on which you clicked the “+”. This is

when the task will start showing up in your planner.


The due date is the date for which the task is due. This is when you

need to submit your work or have your task completed by.


This is when you would like to start or continue working on your task. By default, it’s the

same as the announcement date, but you can adjust this every day by going into

the tasks tab of your Studyo planner and double-clicking the announcement/planned icon.


You can break tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps. Each step can then be associated with a specific date. This is a great way to make larger tasks easier.

Step 3: Save and locate task

Save your work when you are done creating a task, otherwise it will not be created. To find your task, go to the due date or the announcement date that you set for your task. You can also see your task by going to the Tasks view of your planner.

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