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Students - Completing tasks
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When you complete a task, you should mark it as done in your Studyo planner. This will help you in the following ways:

  1. It will hide past tasks in the Tasks view, making it more useable.

  2. Clearly see the next tasks you should be planning, in the "Today" column of the Tasks view.

There are multiple ways to complete tasks:

  1. In any view or list, click on the task or its timeline and in the task editor window, click the Mark as Done button.

  2. In any view or list displaying the "Due" icon for a task, double-click the icon.

IMPORTANT- Clicking the “Mark as Done’ button signifies that the task is completely finished. If you only wish to mark it as done for today, change the planning date to the next day that you would like to work on it. Refer to the planning tasks section for more details.

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