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Teachers - Onboarding Students to Studyo
Teachers - Onboarding Students to Studyo

Launching Studyo in your school? This article describes one way to introduce Studyo to your students.

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When launching Studyo in your school, we recommend introducing Studyo step by step over a period of time. Here is how your first session with students might flow.

Who should do this?

We recommend a single person or small group of people deploy to every classroom. This allows for better repeatability and consistency throughout the onboarding.

Time required

Approximately 30 minutes

What you will need

A demo student account or a teacher account with the Studyo Training class added (you can add this yourself by going to your profile menu, manage my schedule and finding the Studyo Training class)

Step 1: Getting students connected

  1. Tell students to navigate to in their browser

    1. If students are using a mobile device, instruct them to download the app called Studyo

  2. Tell students to click on Login

  3. Instruct students to use your school's SSO

    1. Often their school Google account, but Microsoft, Apple and Classlink are supported as well.

  4. Students should now see their planner

Note: If students are asked for a school code, the email provided through their SSO doesn't match the data in the Studyo back-end or is missing. Please contact your Studyo admin and our support team to get this resolved.

Step 2: The views

  1. Explain that the school calendar is all in Studyo and will show special events and schedules for every day of the school year.

  2. Homework. projects and test dates posted by teachers will show up in the appropriate views

  3. Homework from your LMS (Google Classroom, Blackbaud, Schoology and others) will also be displayed

Step 3: Task basics

  1. You can click on a task once to see the details

  2. This may include a button to View the task in the original platform

    1. Click on the button to go to that task directly in the original platform

  3. You can mark a task as complete

    1. A shortcut for this is to double-click the icon itself.

A note on completing tasks: Students might think it is redundant to mark tasks as complete in Studyo as it doesn't link to the original task in the external platform. Yet, this is an important skill to learn. Every task, wether it is posted by a teacher, or entered by the student has to be completed, ideally when the task has just been finished. This helps students track what is the next thing they must work on. You can share with students that teachers can see who completes tasks on time in Studyo.

Step 4. Entering tasks

  1. Students often have their own tasks to enter. This varies by school but could include official homework, reminders, personal activities and others.

  2. Using a real task ideally, have students click in the current class's white space

    1. A new task dialog appears

  3. Have them look at the variety of icons that are available on the right

    1. Using specific icons will help them understand their workload at a glance and prioritize their work

  4. Explain that the default title can be changed

    1. Using a short, clear title such as "Pages 3-4, or Chapter 3" will give them more information than leaving it as "Homework"

    2. Explain that the Description area is good to add more details and will also be visible at a glance.

  5. Finally, have students click the "Due icon" to set the due date for this task.

    1. The calendar shows the dates when the class occurs.

Note on entering tasks: Students can also navigate to the due date to enter a task. This will set the Due date automatically, and set the announcement date to the current date.

About Announcement and Due icons: Each task has to points in time. The day it is created (announced) and the due date.

Step 5. The Tasks View

  1. Explain that this view shows every task in all their classes on a timeline

  2. Tasks will disappear from the past if they have been "completed" so it is a good idea to complete them as they go

  3. Bring student's attention to the "Studyo Training Class" (Will show up as "Stu" on the left

    1. This is a series of short training tasks they can use to learn about Studyo and build some important skills to become organized

  4. Have students click the "Click me" task

    1. Explain each task is broken down into Steps and have a link to a video at the bottom

  5. Launch the video on your large screen

    1. The video describes things to motivate students such as changing their class colors and adding an emoji to their name

  6. Once the video is over, remind students to complete the appropriate step in the task and to move on to the second step

    1. Give students time to change their colors and name

As we recommend introducing Studyo and organisation tips over a certain period of time, this is enough for one day.

You could distribute this PDF to students as a way to remind them of some of the different things they can accomplish in Studyo.

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