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Share your Studyo planner to a calendar
Share your Studyo planner to a calendar

Make your school planner visible in your Apple, Google or Microsoft calendar

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Sometimes you might need to view your school planner in your calendar app, or share it with someone who doesn't use Studyo.

Here are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. In your profile menu select "Share your planner"

2. Click on "Share my calendar"

Option 1: Send the link by email

To send the subscription link by email either to yourself or someone else, click the "Send by email" button.

Option 2: Add to your calendar directly

If you are already on the right device, clicking this button will open your calendar app and import the calendar directly.

Option 3: Copy the link to your calendar

If you wish to add tyour planner's calendar to an online calendar such as Google Calendar or Outlook, click to copy the link and follow the steps below.

Google Calendar example

  1. Once you have copied the link, open Google Calendar.

2. Other calendars section, click on the "+"

3. Pick "From URL"

4. Paste the link

5. Click on "Add calendar"

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